Pokemon Go: What is this thing I have to catch and why?

Pokemon GO in Richmond, VA

Pokemon GO.

By now, you either love it or hate it. You either nostalgically reminisce the days on the middle school playground during recess battles your friends and foes with thin pieces of cardboard. Or, you hate it because you had to stop your car 6 times for people on their phone not paying attention to traffic, where one girl was walking down the middle of the intersection without any intention of getting off the road.

Like I said, you either love it or hate it.

I'm in neither camp. I never played Pokemon growing up. My generation was pogs, football/basketball cards, and Tamagotchis. And I have not needed to run anyone over, yet.

With that said, I find this all fascinating! We are watching a revolution happening in front of us. We are watching a step closer to singularity. We are experiencing the digital environment -which is superficial, narcissistic and shallow - overlapping with our physical environment - which has been overlooked for a large cross-section of society. These two worlds are coming together for the first time and it is happening right in front of our eyes. And it did not even need early adopters. It just jumped to mainstream overnight.

What I love is that this Pokemon craze is getting people outside, walking around, experiencing their city and their neighbors. I see strangers from all different backgrounds talking to each other. I see spontaneous interactions. I hear conversations happening that would have never happened. I feel a connection in the air that is uniting people who would normally not interact.

There has been a focus on Virtual Reality (VR) for a long time, but Augmented Reality (AR) crossed the chase and went mainstream.

AR is getting us to interact with our environment in a more intentional way. AR is causing people to get off their couch and outside. AR is creating meaningful connections.

All this is just the beginning. To think what Augmented Reality will bring in the future.




Fall in Washington DC

Pokemon in VCU Richmond, Virginia



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