Social Justice

We are social creatures and our social environment defines who we are, yet life has proven to be not equitable nor fair.

Our Social Environment creates a) The Values we stand for and hold true, b) The Habits we carry out in our everyday life and c) The behaviors in which we respond to our surroundings.

We seek our own environment as water finds its own level.

Yes, it's a nice idea to think everyone can think and act on their own, but much like water, the environment we seek has factors of influence...

1. Community, 2. Acquainted, 3. Family and 4. Self

Each of these factors has a varying degree of influence, developing our Values, Habits, and Behaviors, or the person we claim ourselves to be.

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Get social and overcome.

Cities across the country are changing. Chapters around the country and coming together to advance social causes.

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